FLEXePUMP system is a combination of a manual single acting hydraulic pump and a gear pump.

Both devices can be used independantly to generate flow and hydraulic pressure.



  • Temperature range : -5°C to + 60°C
  • Storage temperature range : -20°C to +60°C
  • Use a hexagon socket
  • Use a cordless drill with, at least a 18V battery
  • Only use the pumping lever included without any extension or accessory
  • Do not use an impact wrench
  • Do not use the impact mode on your power tool
  • Do not apply strength on the shaft
  • Maximum continuous use up to 3 minutes, after this time the power tool can over heat causing damage



Operating :
❶ Close the release valve using the plastic knob
❷ Pump using the lever (A) or an electric power tool on the hexagnonal shaft (B) (Clockwise)
Release :
❸ Open the release valve to allow oil to flow back to the tank

Additional information

Oil recommandation :

  • Only use mineral oil
    HV22 to HV32 / ISO VG22 to 32
  • HV22 / ISO VG22 Oil is recommanded for low temperatures
  • The tank capacity is reduced, due to the additionnal pumping device :
    6L Tank = 5.5L useable The Oil tank has to be full before use
  • Be careful to the lever movement, in case of screwdriver pumping


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