About Us

The Chapel Group is 50 years of passion and continuous effort that make the brand a guarantee.

Throughout Europe, our sales teams ensure you are satisfied:

Innovations, quality, costs, deadlines, their efficiency is widely recognized.

More than 50 years ago, André Chapel was at the initiative of an SME that has now become a European group specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic components.

The essential values of the Chapel Hydraulique group are:

  • Innovation in design
  • Quality
  • Cost accuracy
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Efficiency and pragmatism

Chapel Group production units :

  • 6 production units in France
  • 2 production units in Germany: Osterrönfeld and Günzburg.

Human Resources :
320 people

Production :
500 000 cylinders per year, 80 000 telescopic cylinders and 80 000 hand pumps

Stock :
20,000 cylinders in permanent stock

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