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CH50 are compact modular valves. The assembly is built up from 1 to 9 sections complete with, inlet cover with an integral, adjustable pressure relief and breitling fake watches an outlet cover. All sections are fastened together with 4 tie rods.

• Rated flow
- CH50: from 15 to 50 litres/min*
*Depending on the circuit and composition of the valve
• Max pressure = 320 bar
• Max back pressure = 35 bar
• Parallel circuitry
• The inlet cover contains a pressure relief valve, adjustable from 40 to 320 bar. Preset to 180 bar
• Recommended filtration: 15µ


• Compact design breitling replica watches
• Easy to assemble
• Large range of sections available
• High quality materials
• Precision machined
• Available on stock
The choice of a directional valve depends on the pump flow used and the number of sections.

Building a Chapel valve consists of a list of various parts describing the sections in the order they need to be assembled.
This list runs from left to right, this means from the inlet cover to the outlet cover. Example:
- Inlet cover
- Section 1
- Section 2
- Section
...etc...up to a maximum of 9 sections
- Tie rods (assembly parts)
- Outlet cover

The sections 1 to 9 can be manual operated or fitted with various control operations such as pneumatic actuator, detents, micro spools, etc. The sections can be supplied with flow controls, service line relief's, electric sections and float controls.
To ensure the construction of the valve is correct, it is best to have a schematic diagram. If not available, make a list of sections required from left to right:
- Inlet cover
- function + control + specification = Section 1
- function + control + specification = Section 2
- funct...

- Tie rod (T + module number)
- Outlet cover
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